It’s a long time since I last wrote on this blog.

Firstly I’d like to say that since 2008 when my last surgery healed up I have had no recurrence. The first year to 18 months after I had been pronounced healed were fairly shaky, I found sitting for long periods of time difficult, and in general I felt aware of discomfort and was nervous that I would do too much physically and disrupt the scar tissue. This has now become a lot better, I feel much more normal and whilst I still have some discomfort sitting, largely I forget that the aftermath of my surgeries exists.

I am very grateful, surgery for my pilonidal sinus was a long and rocky road but it had a good ending.

This site gets a relatively small but steady amount of traffic and comments, and I am always pleased to hear success stories and answer questions if I can. Recently I have started to get a significant number of comments related to homeopathic cures for pilonidal disease. Not well written, with not particularly convincing evidence and mostly clearly pedalling the sale of homeopathic remedies. Thusfar I have decided to delete them.

Yesterday I received a comment which I think is not commerce related and does put forth an opinion seemingly by way of a personal experience to the effect that surgery is bad and should be avoided at all costs favouring homeopathy as the solution to pilonidal disease.

However I am not going to publish this comment, but I thought I should give my reasons. All the evidence I have seen for pilonidal disease cured by homeopathic remedies is highly circumstantial. Is is almost exclusively personal stories, not backed up by scientific research, not endorsed by the medical profession in the UK. Most importantly though, this blog is not about the best cure for pilonidal disease, it is a personal account of my experience with the disease and the care I received from the medical profession in the UK, both from the NHS and the private sector. That is all. I dont want the site to become a debate about whether conventional medicine is the best way to approach treating pilonidal disease or not. In the end, if you are suffering with this condition it is entirely up to you how you decide to approach treating it, but please speak to qualified medical practitioners, preferably ones who have experience dealing with pilonidal conditions before you make a decision.


24 thoughts on “Homeopathy

  1. Hello, I am suffering from pilonidal sinus and had once undergone surgery but it is recurrent. So, can you kindly tell me how homeopathy can help me.

  2. Hiii…i am suffering from pilonidal sinus from last 20 days , i mean to say that this problem started 20 days ago …nd i consultd a doctor nd he advised me to go through surgery ……but i m not in the favour of surgery as i came to know that this is a reoccuring disease …..so i want to know that can this be cured with homoeopathic treatment or is there anyone who cured from this disease with the help of homoeopathy only

  3. Hi Guys, I was suffering from Pilonidal cinus for almost 5 years. I never gone for surgery or have taken any medication. It was re occurring after every 25 30 days. I am sharing my experience just to let know all the people who are suffering from this pain. I started doing Gym 8 months ago and i have reduced around 20KG of weight. Pilonidal cinus is gone as it never happen. Try to reduce weight if ur little bit of over weight or have more body fat. May be it will help some of you.

  4. I just got the PICO put on about two weeks ago after 4.5 years of surgery after surgery. I am hoping and praying this helps and solves my problem once and for all. I have also had HUGE problems with developing hyper granulated tissue which seems to be the reason my wound keeps opening up. Anyone else ever experienced issues with hyper-granulation?

  5. I was wondering if any of you could help me. I have had my pilonidal sinus removed and they have left it to heal from the inside out and it is being packed daily. I am now into my 12th week and can still not sit, drive or walk to far. The hospital just keep telling me it’ll heal soon and have referred me to another hospital. Any suggestions on how I can try to hurry up the healing time? Just information and suggestions will be helpful. I feel so down with this, I’m actually now depressed. Please someone tell me they have been through the same?

    • You poor love. Are you in the UK? If so please read my other comments on the PICO dressing. This was the only thing that healed my daughter 5 years on from her initial op. Her surgeon was Mr Duff at Wythenshawe Hospital in Manchester. If your surgeon doesn’t know about PICO get him to liaise with this fab surgeon in Wythenshawe . He has turned my daughter’s life around. Don’t let them keep telling you that it will heal in time. It doesn’t it will go on and on. Research the PICO particularly if you aren’t in the uk. Good luck. You are going to need a lot of it xx

      • Thank you for your advice. The hospitals keep passing me on to different people so it’s just a case of waiting until I get an appointment come through. I feel this is completely wrecking my life I’m only 20 and I haven’t been out with friends since this all began. Do you know if there are any rememdies to help speed up the healing process, I’ve tried bathing in salt water that doesn’t seem to be helping? Thank you again

        • To be honest my daughter found to leave topical stuff well alone as this seem to exacerbate. Someone suggested zinc in tablet form but you could go on for ever. The only thing that worked was this PICO dressing along with specialist wound nurse in aftercare who saw her weekly until wound had mostly healed. The nurse did recommend a barrier cream but you really needs to speak to you surgeon as I would hate for something to make it worse. I can ask my daughter to contact you if you want to speak to someone who has been thro it. Let me know ur email if you want to speak to her xxx

        • I’m seeing a doctor tomorrow and a surgeon a week today, I was wondering what the PICO dressing does? My wound isn’t very deep anymore but it just seems to have stopped healing the past 7 weeks. How long does the PICO dressing take to work and heal the wound? Is there any chance of reoccurrence of cyst when using this dressing? Sorry for all the questions I just want to be better now

        • Hi – the PICO is a like a big plaster that goes over the wound. It has a battery pack on it which is v discreet. Not sure exactly how it works but it gently sucks the gunk out of the wound. Has to be changed once a week and insist on a problem wound nurse. It was this great nurse and the dressing that helped my daughter. It took about 6 months for her to heal but hers was particularly bad. Unfortunately she had been butchered by a previous surgeon at another hospital. Don’t forget to mention Mr Duff at Wythenshawe Plastics. Also Gerry Byford who was the great nurse. You may even be able to speak with her if you ring Wythenshawe. Best of luck and do not let them fob you off.

      • Thank you, well most of the hospitals have discharged me as they have said there is nothing more they can do for me its just a waiting game so it looks like just have to wait! And today the district nurse told me it could be a few more months so looks like I’ll be ill for Christmas too never felt so down in my whole life 😦

  6. My daughter had the vacuum along with numerous other techniques all of which have left her horrendously scarred. We are now into year 5 and after finding a much much better surgeon who recommended a PICO dressing, she is well on the way to a recovery at last. This dressing is not well known but it is a lifesaver. Speak to your sons surgeon. Good luck xx

  7. I know this blog is primarily for those living in the UK, however, I live in the US (Key West, FL) and my 18 year old just underwent surgery for a pilonidal cyst. The cyst came from nowhere several weeks ago. We initially had it lanced & drained in the ER, but knew surgery was forthcoming. Today is 1 week since his surgery. Since then I have been changing the packing/dressing 2x day. Today and was fitted with the vacu-therapy machine. He is in SO much pain it kills me and he crys it’s so bad. As a mother this breaks my heart and even more so there is nothing I can do but reassure him it WILL get better, but I would imagine that’s hard for him to register right now. Im praying this machine will help him heal quickly and efficiently and that he never has to go through this again. I can’t even begin to imagine the pain, but seeing his incision/cavity I can only imagine. His incision is about 3″ long and at least that deep. I’m so thankful to have found the website & blog so hopefully I can get some help for him.

  8. Exactly what’s even more, many of the creams these brands have presented are made up natural components which not just have quicker results on armpit eclipse, however also make it much better with their perks.

  9. Hi, I have Paradinal sinus problem since couple of years now. Consulted couple of doctors in the past and they have advised for surgery with open wound. However, i am not at all in favor of this specially after reading many experiences mentioning its re-occurruing after surgery. Not sure on the senitivity of this for others, however, for me somtimes it seems its not coming back in 2-3 months (After self drainage) and sometimes it comes back in a weeks time. At the moment i am living with it with a view that it may be better to live with some pain for 3-4 days after every some weeks or months rather than having this surgery process. Looking for some surgery alternative such as Homeopathy etc. Any suggestions specially contact for some Homeopathy expert in this field?

    • hello, just read that u are suffering from this problem. In ayurveda in India, a definite cure with No reoccurence is available. The treatment is called Kshar Sutra which is least invasive, requires no hospitalisation and u can resume ur daily duties as well. In India they are curing this disease for over 50 years with 0.1 % reoccurance rate & no anesthesia is required during the procedure. Check for Kshar Sutra pls.

  10. Hey, I’ve just read through your whole site and found it very informative and interesting, so Thank You for that!
    I had my first ‘abscess’ 5 months ago – was given antibiotics, and sent home 3 times before they finally admitted me to hospital for incision and drainage. If I’m totally honest I think I slacked off with the whole going to the doctors and getting it packed thing too early, but nevertheless it healed!
    5 months later I feel the same pain, And have the same operation again, however, it has now been 3/4 weeks since the last op and its not healing… Apparently because this wound is in exactly the same spot as last time! Scar tissue doesn’t heal very well I was later told.
    I have been sent an appointment for October time to ‘remove the whole area to avoid reoccurrence’ as the doctor put it… I am presuming after reading your blog that this means the last op you had. I am a 21 year old trainee primary school teacher, I work part time around Uni, and I am absolutely dreading this operation. I don’t really know why I’m writing this to you because I know there’s nothing you can do – but it does feel good to tell someone that understands!!
    Sorry about the essay… Amy x

    • Hi Amy hope you don’t mind my replying to you but I felt I had to let you know about my 26 year old daughter and the terrible experience she has had over the last 3 years with this awful disease.

      She lives in Scunthorpe but is originally from here in Manchester. She saw a consultant plastic surgeon in Hull who basically “butchered” my daughter.

      In April this year we had had enough and paid for her to see a plastic surgeon at Wythenshawe Hospital – the best move we ever made.

      Mr Duff, the surgeon told us he wanted to try a new technique for healing called a Pico dressing. This is a dressing which is put onto the wound and it has a battery operated pump which sucks out the “gunk” from the wound. It heals from the bottom up. She saw a specialist wound nurse, Gerry Byford twice a week and the dressing was changed each time. Mr Duff was involved from start to finish and popped in to see her from time to time when the dressing was being changed.

      The Pico has been a godsend. My daughter has been through so much and her life has practically been on hold. Like yourself, nothing seemed to work and she was even told at Hull that she does not heal properly. This made her feel like a freak.

      She had her last operation on 30th July this year. Today, eight weeks to the day she has been discharged and the wound has fully healed, something which has never happened in previous operations. She has never actually been discharged from Hull General. In the past, she has had vacuums and packing to try to heal and nothing seemed to work. She had infection after infection. This wonderful Pico dressing has done the trick and she is ready to restart her life again.

      Please speak to your surgeon and ask about this dressing.

      Also, nobody could give my daughter a reason as to why she was getting these sinuses. After doing some research, I am convinced there is a link with this disease and hidradenitis suppurativa a skin disease which causes awful boils around the body. My daughter has suffered with these boils off and on over the last few years. She has now been prescribed an antibiotic which she takes everyday called Lymacycline. This too appears to be working.l

      If you live anywhere near Manchester I strongly recommend you get referred to Wythenshawe Hospital to Mr Chris Duff and his team. I cannot praise them enough.

      I hope you recover as quickly as possible. It is an appalling condition, one which I think needs a whole lot more research.

      Best of luck and hope all goes well.

      • Also forgot to mention, the initial consultation with Mr Duff but the subsequent treatment and Pico was all done under the wonderful NHS. Fantastic!!

      • Thank you for replying Helen, I am definitely going to inquire about this pico dressing – I hate the idea of having a huge open wound on my coccyx. I’m very happy that your daughter seems to be finally over the pilonidal disease, I am hoping my experience will be over soon too! X

  11. Hi

    My 26 year old daughter has PS. It started 2 years ago and she has had 6 ops under NHS. Her last one was last autumn and we thought things had cleared up. This was until 6 weeks ago where the flap started to leak again. She now has blisters on it. We are going to see her consultant tomorrow and she has asked me to come along for support. Is there anything you can suggest I ask? I did read about the wide excision with open healing and am not sure if they have tried this. I know after her first op she was having the wound packed but infection set in and she was advised to the for flap. Nothing appears to have worked and her life has ground to a halt. Can you also explain about the z-plasty and what this entails? Luckily her employers are understanding but she is very very down and I want to be able to go with her tomorrow and try and get some answers. Do you think paying privately is better and I’ve heard laser treatment can help??? Also someone on another blog said castor oil can help with healing. Do you know if this is on the wound itself or tablet form? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks for your time.

    • Well lots of questions there, I’m afraid there are no simple answers as far as I’m concerned but:

      1. Castor oil: No I’ve never heard of this being something which works. I would imagine that it’s topical i.e. on the wound itself. There is a lot of very tenuous treatment talked about on blogs and forums. I wouldn’t take too much notice.

      2. The Z-plasty is a flap surgery. All the surgery is the same basic principle – remove the nidus (the hair follicles and infected tissue) the differences you hear about are just in the way that the wound is either left open, or closed, sometimes with a flap. The reason for doing a flap surgery is A. It allows the surgeon to cut out a larger amount of tissue and B. It means that area of the buttocks can be re-modelled so that the cleft of the buttocks isn’t so deep – this in theory reduces the risk of the problem recurring. Your daughter has had six surgeries, that’s a lot. It depends on whether she’s had long periods of being healed and then had a recurrence or whether it’s never really healed in between surgeries as to what the best course of action is.

      The bottom line is that open healing is the most reliable because the healing can be monitored by a nurse. It’s also the most difficult to recover from, and it can take a very long time for the wound to heal, but it sounds as though it may be the best option.

      3. Going private means you get more choice over when to have surgery and more time in consultations. You probably also get better aftercare. It’s not that you will get better surgeons or better quality of treatment, you just get the luxury of more time.

      4. Laser treatment is about removing hair permanently, where the problem keeps returning. It depends on why your daughter keeps having the problem – is it the same pilonidal sinus or a new one each time she has surgery? Her consultant should have all these answers but it’s important to ask as many questions as you can, and get across that your daughter is depressed about it. That in itself is important as its a secondary effect which could be a medical problem also.

      5. Surgery is the start of cure but good and thorough aftercare is what really makes the difference.

      I hope it goes well and your daughter gets better. I sympathise, it’s a horrible experience and your life does basically grind to a halt. Good luck to her and I hope this is helpful.

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